Caravan Storage

Summer and Winter Storage Rates

Only £1.25 per day for long term. 

Please ring for details: 01288 361 210 or 07970 521549

10 Reasons why you should store your caravan with us:

  • Ideal if you have little or no space at home.
  • Cheaper, easier, quicker and safer travelling to and from site.
  • Peace of mind that your caravan is safely stored in our storage area.
  • Only 1.5 miles from the A39 trunk road for easy access and a good base if you wish to travel around the southwest.
  • Easier to pop down for the weekend as it is all here and can be used as often as you like.
  • It will be put onto site ready for you at 24hrs notice, for when you arrive for your holiday. (Single charge of £5 for towing to and from the storage area.)
  • Once your holiday is over it will be removed from site and stored safely away.
  • Your journey to and from site will be hassle free and quicker than if you had to tow your caravan each way.
  • All caravan handling is done with paramount caution.
  • Valeting and washing services can be arranged.

Terms and conditions of caravan storage.

  • Storage fees may be paid monthly or quarterly in advance. A surcharge of 8% will be charged on overdue accounts.
  • In the event of fees not being paid, after an agreed period of time, then the van may be sold to recover costs. Obviously the owner would be given good notification if this were likely to occur.
  • The owner is responsible for making sure that all the equipment necessary for towing ( i.e. tow hitch, jockey wheel, handbrake etc) is in good working order and if any accident occurs because something is defective, then the liability lies with the owner.
  • The insurance of the caravan is the sole responsibility of the owner. Our farm insurance does NOT cover any caravan, vehicle, or similar, whilst on Penhalt Farm property. You are expected to have appropriate insurance to cover the value of your caravan, etc whilst on Penhalt Farm property.
  • Contents of the caravan and electrical items left in the van are the responsibility of the owner and are left at his or her own risk.
  • Removal from site to storage and storage to site is carried out on the owners insurance.